Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ver 1.0.0 is out, Better letter connections


it is out now:

so to summarize here is everyting it does:

  • Switch between Landscape and Portriat using menu button
  • Arabic letter reshaping is now fully integreated!
  • Faster switching to Arabic keyboard
  • Able to send SMS
  • Access contacts with Auto detect
  • Added four Perisan Letters (^^)(vv)
  • Bigger buttons in Landscape mode
  • Able to send larger than 70 Char SMSs
Please update if you have not done so, I just found out that many users never update!!!

that's it for now, enjoy smsing


PS: again, i have to thank Ahmed Essam, for his reshaper class and sharing it with others, he had done a great job there. 


  1. انت بطل الأبطال
    شكراً لله
    وشكراً لك ولأحمد عصام

  2. thanks for your kind words, i hope you did use my app to write this :D

  3. It is better now but I do not see any connected letters now!! I rebooted the phone but it is still not working

    Also, you shouldnt fill out (^^) with repeated letters. This would make it harder to find the the special letters we are looking for.

    Good job and I encourage you to add more features to your program since there will be three programs in the market with the ability to write in Arabic.

    You may think of adding some options like auto start after the system boot and make the keyboard switch between landscape and portrait automatically. You may also make the user able to add his own shortcuts to (^^) like بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم \ السلام عليكم \ وعليكم السلام

    I wish for your application to be the best.
    Thank you

  4. thanks for the comments!!

    words will connect as you type the next word, try it again

  5. @x-axis: great work with this app: but I don't understand why you didn't just implement this functionality on the G1's physical keyboard. Why put a virtual keyboard on the screen? Can't most people touch type without seeing the letters? It would be great to be able to type arabic inside other programs (like dictionaries, web browsers, etc).

  6. actually it can be done, but there is no Arabic support on any of the other programs. we should wait for google next update, hopefully Arabic locale would be included. [expected in April]

  7. Salaam, I have a Brother who is patiently awaiting an SMS in Arabic from me. I enter his cellphone # but when I type message and send the phone number disappears and message is not sent? i thought it was due to his distance or problems with phone lines? I can send via other apps SMS but they are not Arabic. Can any one help? please e.mail me any suggestions as to errors I may be doing when entering phone numbers. Masalaam.

  8. btw arabic locale (latest android version )is availble but i dont understand does having it means i can read arabics sms and view arabic websites

  9. btw can u send the apk file 2 thanks

  10. link in the menu LINKS, please help yourself.