Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ver 1.0.0 is out, Better letter connections


it is out now:

so to summarize here is everyting it does:

  • Switch between Landscape and Portriat using menu button
  • Arabic letter reshaping is now fully integreated!
  • Faster switching to Arabic keyboard
  • Able to send SMS
  • Access contacts with Auto detect
  • Added four Perisan Letters (^^)(vv)
  • Bigger buttons in Landscape mode
  • Able to send larger than 70 Char SMSs
Please update if you have not done so, I just found out that many users never update!!!

that's it for now, enjoy smsing


PS: again, i have to thank Ahmed Essam, for his reshaper class and sharing it with others, he had done a great job there. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arabic Keyboard V 0.7.6b, now can send SMS

  • Now App is linked to Contacts, 
  • added four Persian letters,
  • auto detect contact name, provide the default number.
  • "to:" field now accepts entries from the Virtual Keyboard


Ahlan my tough crowd, before i continue, i would like to share with you a comment left on my app on the market

Missing fatha, dumma, etc..

I am just going to pretend that I didn't read that, lol, really : Fat7a

anyway, here is the updates:

Ver 0.7.6b is on the market also all previous versions are available on the project page
new features: 
-able to send SMS, you need to type in/paste the number, no access to phonebook yet
-SMSs are sent larger than 70 chars it splits in order to send, 
-added "Clear" button to clear the message text area.

New work to do :-

- access contacts and make it default app for sms sending
- adding confirmation of SMS sent (a must), update a dummy one is added
- add counter of letters typed
- Bigger buttons, and better looking layout 


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Arabic Keyboard v0.5.0b for Android

Salaam Again,

I have successfully implemented Ahmed's class. Now you can see a MUCH better linking (الحمدلله). I suspect that would be some sort if "Force Close" events, please submit as soon you find one ( let me know what was going on). It should be rare anyway. Next i will be working on
  1. Layout, better looking (Inshalla)
  2. add support to copy to other application (Inshalla), for now use the copy button or long tab on the test area
  3. better Landscape layout (Inshalla)

I won't be improving the linking till i am done with the above, since Arabic is most certainly would be supported on the next update(s). So it will only make sense to work on a keyboard ( which i doubt that Google will release soon)

I won't be updating as much since the weekend is almost over, and i have some tests before Spring Break.
I would also like to thank
Bader Aljishi for his contribute, I really appreciate it.