Friday, July 17, 2009

Moving to Wordpress

Blogspot is acting weird these days, i am thinking about moving!!

I will try to move the old stuff over there soon

thank and sorry for any trouble

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Arabic Soft Keybaord 1.1

Salaam again

i have replaced the letters with images, now those with no Arabic font can use it in ease, Arabic Notepad would come in handy.. other apps you will see squares when you type, but i promise words are connected.
The area above the keyboard will help you see what you are typing.

for those who had installed an Arabic font, you will be fine with the new one, if you want the one with no images download it from here

i am going to continue supporting it for myself, so don't worry.. if you want it on the market, please express that in a comment or an email.

thanks and happy typing

Arabic Notepad

A simple note pad app that is based on Android sample included in the SDK

this would help those with no Arabic font