Saturday, February 28, 2009

Arabic Keyboard v0.1.0 for Android

Update: new version is available, no need to add font!! fixed the landscape mode too


I got sick of not being able to write in Arabic in my G1, so i developed this small keyboard which is based on aKeyUI

Features: (updated!!)
all letters are there
- letters are connected (yet not perfect)

need pre-installed Arabic font to work. here.
note: please only replace the fallback font (DroidSansFallback.ttf) not (DroidSans.ttf).

coming features:
- connected letters (almost there)
- remove the need of adding the Fallback font (done!)
- integrate SMS, google search, email (send to)
- larger keys (somehow)
- better GUI
- landscape support (kinda)

please feel free to try it.


:: I will have to Thank ~ Ahmed & Amr ~ for their great effort, thank you