Saturday, February 28, 2009

Arabic Keyboard v0.1.0 for Android

Update: new version is available, no need to add font!! fixed the landscape mode too


I got sick of not being able to write in Arabic in my G1, so i developed this small keyboard which is based on aKeyUI

Features: (updated!!)
all letters are there
- letters are connected (yet not perfect)

need pre-installed Arabic font to work. here.
note: please only replace the fallback font (DroidSansFallback.ttf) not (DroidSans.ttf).

coming features:
- connected letters (almost there)
- remove the need of adding the Fallback font (done!)
- integrate SMS, google search, email (send to)
- larger keys (somehow)
- better GUI
- landscape support (kinda)

please feel free to try it.


:: I will have to Thank ~ Ahmed & Amr ~ for their great effort, thank you


  1. great thing x2android, I can help you to provide connected letters, and not needing to depend on other software in viewing arabic letters inshAllah

    But if possible to make put your source into the google's SVN to contribute, will be much better :)


  2. Great job man! Keep up the good work...

    The letters appear disconnected at first but then when you type in the next word, it automagically connects :)

    I'll be keeping an eye on this blog, and good luck with your exams

  3. thanks,

    i know, i will try to make the feed a bit smaller but it will take a lot of time. so i might just leave it to Google :D

    btw, loved your blog theme, i thinking about using one of their free ones


  4. @Amr

    I am sorry about the late reply, but i have not decided yet if i am going to make it open source, it will be always free (inshalla) but i might make it add-supported, or release a paid one with the same features.

    i hope you could still help this way, i got it right, but some letters are not rendering the right way(please refer to the new post/version).

    thank you and god bless

  5. Boss i downloaded ur .apk file but it was showing me the english font. Do i need to do anything more

  6. You should disable the Android Soft keyboard and Japaneses and also the Chinese one too and check on Arabic Soft keyboard from the Locale and Text tab at Settings . it should work just fine with you !

  7. Its interesting information and i like this article, so thanks for providing this good entertainment blog

  8. Hello!
    I want to develop such an android keyboard for the Syriac Language!
    Anyone can lead me in this direction!